Andrea Makeup Artist


Andrea is the Picasso of MUA, moved by colour and paint to ignite faces in wildly decorative ways. Using her deep understanding of facial forms and makeup techniques, this Irish makeup wizard can expertly apply tattoo effects, illusions and designs. This versatility gives her the power to be fully free and vivid with her work. She loves revealing her inner artist and raw thirst to create, motivating her to invent all sorts of masterpieces.


A large portion of Andrea’s portfolio consists of scary costume makeup effects. She combines her painterly style and interest in spooky things to produce these freaky looks. As a result, she shows us ghoulish creatures with faces full of brush strokes and paint dabs. These faces are a source of sublime artistry, beyond just any basic style of costume makeup.


In order to enhance these eerie faces, Andrea uses contouring in completely unexpected ways. Using face paint and highlighter, she accents the cheek bones and crevices of the lips and eyes with the dramatic pizzazz of a true artist. Then, as her main trademark, she often leaves the tiny paint strokes unblended to create the illusion of a painting.


Yet Andrea is not all darkness and gore; she also uses her unique style to create angelic faces. She uses colourful contours and paint marks to sculpt and awaken the model’s features. In one of her most powerful designs, she creates a rainbow themed look in spirit of the voting day for gay marriage in Ireland. Andrea shows her support by giving the model stunning blends of colour, which stand dramatically against the model’s white complexion. Each swatch or mixture of colour is thoughtfully applied around the natural grooves and shapes of the face to create intense dimension. The final product offers a powerful public stand for gay rights and the right to love freely.


Overall, Andrea’s works are admired by thousands of fans who follow her Instagram page like a crew of loyal admirers. Nevertheless, Andrea remains incredibly humble about her talent. In some of her post descriptions, she admits to having re-worked her mistakes and spending lots of time. This integrity and down-to-earth online presence makes Andrea a loved figure among her network.