“P” is for Perfect and Petra

With a 6th sense for makeup, Petra is an artist who sees beyond. Every makeup look is an entirely new experience, using fresh and hard-hitting colours and a sharp application technique to make her statement. She even wears a different wig for each makeup concept, giving her a unique identity every time – always hot, always innovative! From smoky vixen to hipster glam, or even Halloween makeup, Petra always brings something share-worthy to the table – and we all want a piece!

Petra’s trademark is her rich treatment of makeup. With each application, she gives us stunning textures, showing off all the different finishes and feels. One day, she may show us a creamy, dewy face against a strong matte slip, while other times, we’ll get a soft highlighted cheek, offset by lush brows and jet-black lashes. She’s also no stranger to using sequins and other pretty add-ons, like glitter and gems, around the eyes to create a hyper-aesthetic result.

She’s perfected the art of highlighting, further playing up her bold, girlicious style. In many shots, she’ll lightly dust some gold along her cheeks as well as the tip of her nose. Always controlled and focused, she applies just enough to achieve those glowy contours without overdoing it – the way most highlighter junkies do! In other shots, Petra will get funky with her highlighting. She may accent her nose tip with a shiny pop of colour, the same colour she applies to her brows. So, you’ll see sapphire brows, all shapely and sharp, matching a bluish highlighted cheek. And when she’s feeling super flirty, she may even match her brows to her wig.

Within this sea of skill, Petra also has a flair for Halloween makeup. On her YouTube channel she gives tutorials on how to make these creations at home. She’s developed all types of characters: a scarecrow, a skull face and a corpse bride – just to name a few. Using wax and other special effects, she breathes life into these freaky folks. Yet, she never skimps on bringing her usual sparkle and pizzazz to these scary looks, including sexy lashes, lips, cheeks – you name it!


Not everyone can be a perfectionist of awesome, but Petra surely tempts us with the possibility. Add her on Instagram to see what all the fuss is about!