Craving Beautsoup!


Proving that you can play dress-up at any age, Molly B’s beauty blog, Beautsoup rekindles our inner creativity. With a penchant for playful pastels and hair dye, we are reminded of the exciting, carefree side of makeup as an art. Molly’s blog has amassed a strong following of readers, who value both her versatility as a writer and her congeniality as an online role model. It’s no surprise that she’s a strong candidate for The Versatile Blogger Award for 2015.


As Molly’s personal aesthetic, she maintains an alternative style that is both artistic and soft. Her pale lavender pixie cut and dewy skin, combined with a sleek cat eye creates her signature look that seems almost fairy-inspired. She’s also an ace with contouring and highlighting, and shows off her superb techniques on her hit blog.


Beautsoup, Molly’s beauty blog is among the most informative and helpful blogs online. With each post, she reviews makeup products in great detail, sharing tons of knowledge about their individual features. Whether you’d like to know specifics about a product’s texture or how it will interact with your skin type, Molly dives into everything we need to know. Her blog is especially perfect for M.A.C makeup lovers, as she includes lots of reviews on the top products from the company. Ultimately, Molly’s vast experience with the ins and outs of makeup makes her reviews both authentic and practical.


In addition to a successful blog, Molly also has a stunning Instagram page. She uses this space to explore her imagination and share an array of visionary looks. In one of her most inspiring creations, Molly fuses her passion for colour and fantasy themes. In this shot, the layers of her short silvery-purple hair appear gracefully wind-blown yet frozen in time. Along her forehead is a headpiece with stunning lilac coloured flowers. To harmonise the look, she contours her face with purple powder, creating a mesmerising and dreamy effect.


In one of her most recent shots, she continues to awe her followers. She shows us a green ombre eyebrow with a matching lime colored eye lid and dark plum shadow in the crease, all topped with a perfect winged liner. To add more depth, she accents the liner with a row of sparkly silver vertical lines. The entire effect affirms Molly’s status as a versatile artist and blogger.


To browse through Molly’s vibrant creations, you can check out her Instagram page at You can also follow her on twitter @beautsoup and stay up to date with all her new makeup looks.