Climate Change Emergency



  1. Strike on September 20th. Head here for School Strike For Climate info.

  1. Invest in renewable energy with Array App for as little as $5.

  1. Support startups with a mission to create a clean energy future like RedGrid.

  1. Switch your electricity over to a cheaper greener provider like Amber.

  1. Write a letter to your local MP.

  1. Share with your family and friends, and tag influencers you think will jump on board.

    1. Change your super over to an ethical fund that doesn't invest in fossil fuels like Future Super.

For businesses:

      1. Pledge to support your employees to strike for the climate on Friday 20 September.

We want to introduce you to a renewable energy grassroots app called Array App.

100% renewables, sooner

From Array app:

"Current projections estimate Australia is on track to reach 100% renewables by 2032. We reckon with the right community and a little market ingenuity, we can reach that goal much sooner.  

Let the politicians argue all they like; we’re busy building the solutions to end our dependence on coal. 

An investment app like no other

We wanted make it easy for every Australian to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. This is everyday investing, open to everyone.

With as little as $5 you can start an account, then track your savings and your impact in real-time."

Ready to create a renewables revolution?

Join the waitlist for more info, and to be first to hear when they launch. 

From Furless:

The science is settled. Climate change has now become an emergency and governments around the world are failing to act fast enough, if at all. 

Furless is a small brand with a small following, but it is a following nonetheless. We want to be able to look back and say that we did something, that we were part of the solution.

Are we getting any kickbacks from this? No. Do Array, Future Super, Amber, and RedGrid know we are doing this? No. Is there any monetary gain for us? No, though hopefully some planetary gain :)

Please share this email with your friends, family and colleagues. You can also encourage your favourite beauty gurus to jump on board by sharing or tagging them on social media. The beauty community has proven itself to be effective at lobbying against animal testing, let's focus some energy on climate change and see what we can achieve together! 

Head to Array App.

Love Furless x