Ida Elina Awakens Fine Art through Makeup


Make way for a makeup artist who truly knows how to stand out! Ida Elina, working in Helsinki, Finland (now in London), loves pushing the boundaries when it comes to colours and shapes. Using the human face as a canvas, she embraces the classic art of painting as inspiration for her style. With a B.A in Fashion Design and her certification in makeup art, Ida combines her formal training and sense of imagination to create vogue looks.


Ida’s trademark is her dynamic treatment of makeup. With each application, she produces a breathtaking impression of movement, infusing energy into her creation. This technique is demonstrated marvellously in her beauty work for Vogue Italia. Embracing an animal-inspired theme, she applies lively stripes along the model’s face and décolleté. She also imbues the look with her personal style, adding a painterly effect through her free-flowing handling of the eye makeup. The overall result offers a mesmerising fusion of innovative expression and high-fashion.


She also reveals this unique aesthetic in her beauty work published by Lucy Magazine. In her Naked Princess series, she decorates two models with gems and sequins, while staying true to her dynamic technique. She places the jewels in a free-flowing manner to create a beautiful feel of rhythm. One model has turquoise jewels flowing from the inner eye area with a few stray ones placed elegantly outside of the contour. Comparatively, the other model shows red gems along her lips with a few spilling outside her lip line. With these innovative designs, Ida is able to create looks that captivate us and hold our attention.


Ida’s Instagram page offers a stimulating window into her mind as an artist. Here, she showcases both her published work as well as her personal explorations. Her private work is a special pleasure to see as she maximises her artistic liberty and passion. In some of her recent posts, she continues to express her rhythmic style. She reveals various versions of paint stroke-like eyebrows with gliding applications of eye colour. In each one, she plays with different combinations of black and saturated pops of colour, similar to the palettes of Warhol and Mondrian.


Ida is available for beauty, editorial & commercial work. To browse through her accomplished portfolio, you can refer to her website,