Iry Randrasana MUA


When scanning through this woman’s work with makeup, we’re left with nothing but wows and awes. Iry Randrasana is a professionally trained makeup artist from Stockholm who has amassed an enormous online following on social media. With her risk-taking and full-on approach to beauty, her work inspires us to run home for a date with our makeup kits.


A large part of Iry’s success is her ability to show how makeup can be used as an art, instead of merely a way to beautify. She tends to play with designs in ways that are really unpredictable and exciting. This trademark is especially apparent in her treatment of the eyes, where she uses metallics, rhinestones and multicoloured lashes to produce the ultimate jazzed-up eye.


Iry also embellishes the eyes with stunning designs which seem to tell a story through their colours and style. As she crafts a variety of looks, we gain insight into her creativity, seeing themes such as Enchanted Forest, Wacky and Wild, and even Urban Graffiti Splatter. Through all these stunning creations, Iry ignites the eyes in ways you’ll never find in any standard editorial.


Ultimately, the combination of her feel-good personality and talent as an artist makes her a likeable and entertaining woman. She is also the winner of the Punk Dance Dare Competition through Loreal Paris. Recognised for her wild dance moves, Iry won a punky makeup kit, offering a wide selection of mascaras, lipsticks and shadows.


If you want to get a taste of Iry’s unstoppable swagger, you can visit her Instagram page at Iry Randrasana.