Makeup that’s Sleek and Sexy with Isabelle Kate


Isabelle is a makeup experimentalist with classically good taste and a natural knack for cosmetic art. She’s a master with eyes and lips, using cutting-edge techniques to create a variety of feminine looks. Using her own face as the canvas for her designs, this girl-next-door artist has amassed over 22 thousand followers on Instagram.


As a sucker for lash falsies and playful colours, Isabelle creates looks that celebrate being a woman. Her passion is clear when it comes to her work with lips—you might as well call her the Queen of 50 Shades of Red. From rouge ombre and Hollywood red to berry and pouty, she does it all! Isabelle also tends to experiment with unconventional lip colours, using metallic and charcoal hues to create dimension and fullness. For each lip design, she always uses liner with perfect exactness, creating the most tantalising mouth shapes.


As another staple in her repertoire, Isabelle creates brows to die for. With precise neatness and thickness to frame the eyes, she’s a wiz with brow pencil. For her eyes, she tends to use a variety of bold colours and designs to enhance the eyes in surprisingly unique ways. Overall, her beauty looks are feminine and sensual, and more on the natural side.


In addition to her beauty looks, Isabelle creates fun whimsical makeup concepts as well. In one of her posts, she turns her face into a retro comic book character, making a reference to Lichtenstein’s artwork from the 1960s. This imagination is also shown wonderfully in her Halloween series. For one of the additions, she turns herself into Maleficent, the evil sorceress from the Disney fairy tale, “Sleeping Beauty”. She creates a white porcelain face with sharp shadowy angles for the cheek contours, completed with emerald coloured contact lenses.


To view Isabelle’s self-transformations or her beauty looks, you can visit her Instagram page at