Jessica Rainbow


If you’re a full-on makeup geek, Jessica Rainbow is one of those Instagrammers you’ll love to follow. With her zany love for purple hair dye and a killer lipstick stash, she’s a makeup hoarder who lives for speaking her mind. As seen through her original posts, Jessica is not only talented, but also has a refreshing sense of humour, making her a genuinely charming artist.

Jessica’s look can be best described as mermaid meets makeup addict. She’s a whiz with creating dreamy ombré hair using soft pastel colours, which she blends seamlessly into her pale blonde locks. She also plays with a variety of other unconventional hair concepts. From bright turquoise curls to sexy silver-blonde layers, each look has a vibrant energy and life of its own.

For each of her hair styles, she creates an equally fabulous makeup look to match. In some of her posts, she creates wacky coloured lips to match her dyed hair, creating an original out-of-this-world type of beauty. For the eyes, Jessica uses bold techniques to make them large enough to peep for miles. She uses shimmery eyeshadow over the lids and contrasts the outer crease with a darker shade which is also used to smudge the lower eye lid. This design is combined with a thick set of false lashes and a generous coating of black liner to create super glam eyes.

In combination with these fantastic looks, Jessica’s Instagram page is also filled with funny quotes and images. In one of her popular ones, she posts,“All I want in life is to text my dog”. Other posts include really whimsical pics; she shows us lips painted with a scene from Tim Burton’s film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or an awkward facial expression by Karen Smith from the cult classic, Mean Girls.

With all her quirkiness and of course, the glitz, Jessica shows people the value of knowing who you are and loving every bit of it. As she writes in one of her posts, “If makeup makes you happy, paint your fucking face, cake it on, blend that shit, until your arms fall off. Fuck what anyone else says.”

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