Jordi, The Wacky Canadian Makeup Artist


When wacky brilliance meets the upper circles of the beauty biz, you’ve got Jordi, the makeup artist whose realness is just as stellar as her talent. Working with the industry’s top brands, she’s a creative genius with a lovable personality. Jordi is known for her popular YouTube channel called “itslikelymakeup”, which educates viewers on how to create all ranges of makeup genres, from make-believe to modern glam. All the while, she jokingly identifies herself as a “makeup artist/idiot”, winning our hearts with silliness and taking all the snobbery out of being a big time beauty buff.

With Jordi, she’s your pal next door, always giving you her most genuine self, along with her go-with-the-flow personality and no-filter approach to sharing her personal life. So essentially, watching her videos becomes a laidback hangout where you can feel at ease, while also learning some amazing new makeup tricks! Jordi’s videos bring you freaky gore effects, anamorph transformations, all the way to red-carpet glitz.

Collaborating with the creative directors of top beauty brands, Jordi’s expertise has helped guide tons of marketing avenues. In turn, she’s constantly bombarded with campaign projects and exclusive invites to private makeup parties. Yet, at the same time, she juggles life as your average, errand-running mother with realistic challenges at home. So although she’s living a beauty blogger’s dream, she still doesn’t claim to be any more than your ordinary Jane Doe.

Jordi’s Instagram page is filled with diverse looks; she posts a bloody bunny bride, a cyber punk rebel, all the way to the blonde bombshell look. She also specialises in anamorph makeup, turning herself into gorgeous creatures, much like the ones used in Snapchat filters. Magically, Jordi lets our online media personas become real life. And when she’s not using this imaginary-style makeup, she posts her everyday makeup. This look is typified by matte lips, an edgy black eyeliner and a soft, rosy-cheeked complexion with light strobing.

Jordi’s four-year-old daughter, Maisy makes the occasional appearance in her tutorial videos. In one of her funnier videos, Maisy uses drag makeup with the help of her mom. In minutes, Maisy turns into Kim Chi, a wild drag queen, complete with stunning contours, overdrawn lines and a sassy wig. Clearly, having charm and a likeable TV personality runs in the family genes, along with her six-year-old son, Oliver! He enjoys doing voiceovers for mummy’s makeup tutorials, bringing tons of cuteness to her videos.

Jordi invites us further into her private life, releasing a video that discusses her struggles with mental health. As she dives into her romantic setbacks, financial troubles and family strife, she casually does her makeup for the camera. This realistic process and lowkey chitchat reveals how like most women, she’s a fallible person with real feelings and fears. But despite her good days and bad ones, she’ll push forward, using her love of makeup as a type of therapeutic solace. As a human with flaws and all, we can connect with her desire to feel beautiful through all of life’s ups and downs.