Fantasy & High Fashion with Marika

A makeup prodigy in the making, Marika D'Auteuil is making huge waves in the beauty industry. Her penchant for fantasy makeup, combined with her vision for high-fashion makes her a rare and versatile artist. From fresh-faced girls to fanciful Cirque du Soleil performers, Marika is fluent in all dialects of makeup. Loved for her dreamy, colourful style, her work has become highly desirable among elite magazines and designers alike.

Born in a small town in Northern Quebec , Marika left everything behind at the age of 20 to pursue her dream of becoming a renowned makeup artist. Since then, she has channelled her creativity into evolving and developing her style. Travelling the world and collaborating with the industry’s finest, Marika is constantly renewing her techniques, striving to innovate and break the boundaries every time she enters a set.

She recently worked under the direction of famous makeup master Pat McGrath at New-York Fashion Week and designed the makeups for "La forge aux étoiles", a Cirque du Soleil show presented at Futuroscope in France.

Marika is known for her vibrant and fanciful makeup style. Much of her beauty portfolio is strongly reminiscent of a watercolour art, revealing soft light colours and painterly handwork. In one of her fan favourites, she romanticises the model’s face with a stunning mosaic of metallic pastels. Like a halo around her eyes, a flawless blend of these silvery hues create a dreamy feel, with the same silver colour repeated beautifully over the cupid’s bow. Her face becomes a transcending picture of fantasy and beauty combined.

In one of Marika’s personal favourites, she shows us a beauty with a white mystical face. Evoking the feel of snow, the model’s faced is covered with an icy powder, topped with subtle dabs of gold, bronze and pastels spread abstractedly around the eyes. The eye lashes are coated with white mascara, enhancing the illusion of frost. Finally, the lips are left blood-red, standing sensually and boldly against the rest of the face. Here, Marika demonstrates her uncanny eye for the unexpected.

In addition to her fantasy-themed looks, Marika also develops gorgeous clean fashion looks. In a recent post, which she calls Belle, the model appears both chic and glowy with mauve eye shadow and lips. The brows are left bushy for a full-textured effect. Truly, when it comes to versatility, Marika is brilliantly on point.