THE MAKEUP GURU WHO EMPOWERS WOMEN is the ultimate online resource for women's beauty and makeup tips. Launched in 2012 by makeup artist, Max May, the popular website has been helping women across the globe become more immersed in the world of high fashion cosmetics. Women can learn about a variety of trends such as valuable makeup techniques, video tutorials and "how-to" guides. Through this rich source of professional advice by Max May, the website ingenuously provides a link between the everyday woman and the vogue industry of high-fashion makeup and styling.

Creating this link was the leading motivation for starting Essentially, Max wanted to help everyday makeup enthusiasts become immersed in his glamorous world of makeup in a way that was clear and easily accessible. As a result, women can learn leading salon techniques and create the highly-coveted looks that grace the pages of fashion magazines. By mastering amazing editorial-style looks, women are being empowered to harness their beauty within the comfort of their own homes. Through this endeavor, Max is able to spread his passion and help women access the tools for creating exceptional looks.

Max is known for a very natural approach to makeup. His models often reveal a lightly bronzed glow with stained or lightly glossed lips. He also enjoys creating a healthy looking palette by adding subtle flushes to the cheeks for vibrancy. In term of styling, Max often likes to keep the hair sleekly pulled back or lightly tussled for a  more sensual vibe. Overall, many women can identify with Max's style as his chosen aesthetic is perfect for everyday wear. His work reveals a passion for celebrating a woman's natural features as opposed to creating an overtly invented look.

With Max's strong fervor for making women feel beautiful,  Max Made is committed to sharing his knowledge in order to empower women. His informative tips and guides truly help women enhance their look to feel more fabulous. By joining this vogue beauty portal, women can make more informed choices about makeup, while working on both their inner and outer transformation.

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