Miss Jazmina, Artist on Point


As the reigning queen fleek of lips and nails, Miss Jazmina is the last word on trending makeup. Based in Sydney Australia, Jazmina has an impressive 643 K followers on Instagram in addition to an increasingly popular YouTube channel. With her wild lip art videos and divalicious looks, this glimmering superstar is among some of the most thrilling to follow online!

Jazmina takes lip design to a whole new level of epic. She draws on all sorts of inspirations for her creations, from a New York sunset to glittering holographics. She’s also a whiz with ombre lips, developing tons of versions such as deadly black to red, metallic lime to midnight blue, and sunset purple to pale pink. Each series is flawlessly blended for a gorgeous, seamless result.

Space themes are another powerful source of stimulus for this genius beautysmith. In her Night Sky look, she turns her lips into a twinkling evening scene with a shooting star. She layers bright shimmering pigments over an indigo lip, and finishes with cleverly placed glitter to mimic the look of space. In another version, she turns her lips into a galaxy. The black liner fades to dusky purple, then to a gorgeous cobalt blue, and finally to white—and covered with multi-coloured sparkles and star stickers for the ultimate picture of an alternate universe.

As one of Jazmina’s trademarks, she loves to coordinate her nail designs with her lips. This trend is stunningly shown in her sea-inspired look, where she matches her marine style nails and lips. The center of her pout is left nude, then fades into a metallic sea green colour towards the corners and lower lip, which is layered with a gold shimmer. She also adds a golden highlight to her cupid’s bow and finishes with gilded gems and a seashell charm. Her nails match the effect stunningly, featuring a pearl polish, which fades into sparkling green tips. The central nail is decorated with a gold anchor to tie the whole theme together.

Jazmina teaches us some of her favourite designs on her YouTube channel, Miss Jazmina. With over ten thousand subscribers, she is progressively making her mark in the world of makeup art. She’s incredibly professional and friendly, always thanking her followers for their support and communicating with them. In each video, she lists the products which she used, allowing her fellow makeup junkies to jump in and try something new.

If you’re tired of the same old makeup tricks and yearn for something cool and exciting, you’ll love gazing through Jazmina’s Instagram page. You can also reach out to her personally via e mail at missjazmina@outlook.com or add her on Snapchat at @missjazminad.