@orlaynanicole Makeup Artist


Orlayna Nicole might have started small, but since her first post, she has exploded in terms of both skill and creativity. The transgender artist from Texas began her journey with everyday makeup styles, which boasted a blend of subtle colours and statement lines. Her Instagram page was a mix of selfies and Snapchat shots from her daily life, but with time she focused more on makeup

Orlayna’s pictures became bolder, with more daring shades of lipstick and longer, more defined wings. Totally on point! Soon her brand became more focused on her work as an artist rather than casual snaps.

But we’re wowed by how far she’s come, her latest posts featuring art gallery-worthy designs. She experiments with some seriously amazing optical illusions, so good we’ll admit to looking twice. Following a current trend, she uses makeup to create a plastic effect on her face and neck, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘life is plastic, it’s fantastic.’ 

But this girl is no Barbie and brings her own original ideas to the table. Nicole can be seen pouring Rosé wine onto her face as though it’s a glass. She can also be seen channelling her inner Banksy with a can of spray paint as a prop. One of her latest looks is totally Halloween-ready, the miniature bats making it a look Morticia Addams would love.

When she’s not transforming herself into these fantastical creations, Orlayna experiments with colour and glitter. By matching her lips to her eyeshadow shades, her style is a real pop of coordinated colours. Glitter and shine give her work an extra coating of glam, which makes them perfect for any red carpet event or night out with the girls.

Having only started her account in 2016, the progress Orlayna has made is really impressive. With 21.3K followers and thousands of likes on her latest posts, it seems the only way is up! We’re so excited to see where she goes from here - stay tuned for more show-stopping creations.

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