Marly MUA


For lovers of sequins and off-course makeup, Marly is the Rembrandt of MUA. Her use of textures and painterly approach to colour makes her work mesmerisingly beautiful. Transforming faces into decadent visions, you really can’t help but stare. Her portfolio of looks on Instagram offers a rich source of makeup ideas for artists seeking a jolt of visual stimulation.


Marly’s makeup style can be best described as Alice in Wonderland meets Dior. Each idea is a stunning show-stopper with remarkable colour combinations and dreamy reflective textures. She also tends to add unexpected touches like sparkles along the brow or a dripping smoky eye. These unique accents are a defining feature in Marly’s work.


Eyelash design is also a major part of Marly’s style. As part of her technique, Marly often coats the lashes with vibrant colours to tie an artistic look together. In her more abstract creations, we see super wild colours such as turquoise lashes with matching brows or juicy orange-red ones with splotches of blue and purple eye paint.


Splotches are also an intriguing feature in many of Marly’s other designs. As one of her most recent, she shows us a full set of purple lips, smeared with dabs of blue and white splashes. The result is radical, yet also highly textural for an enchanting visual experience. She also uses a similar technique in a beauty shot of an expressive model, using dribbles of orange and green from the lower eye lid onto the cheeks, producing a marvelous crying effect.


In addition to these creative feats, Marly also can produce gorgeous looks that lean closer to the mainstream side of beauty. Yet, her style still remains unique with its mysterious ambiance and fanciful quality. In a shot with nearly 2000 likes, she plunges us into a surreal world of misty periwinkle hair with matching brows and creamy fuchsia lips. This model also wears smoky pink eyes, complete with purple freckles across her nose and cheeks. We’re basically left in awe to marvel at this spellbinding spectacle of makeup art.