Ruby Golani: Beauty at Your Fingertips


Ruby Golani, a talented and brilliant entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind the trendy online beauty platform called “Beauty at Your Finger Tips”. Known for her fun and stylish how-to videos and professional makeup classes, the accomplished artist is successfully reaching all different women of diverse cultures and ages throughout the world. With the goal of promoting confidence and happiness, Ruby’s Vlog is the ultimate lifestyle/beauty coach for the modern woman.


By the age of 20, Ruby had already begun working as a Beauty Advisor and Makeup Artist for major cosmetics labels such as Revlon, L’Oreal Paris, Estee Lauder and Louis Vuitton Hennessey and Moet. In 2013, Ruby decided to develop her role in the industry by starting a Beauty Channel on YouTube. Through this channel, Ruby uploads educational how-to videos on makeup, health and personal development, which allows her to reach thousands of women both nationally and internationally.


As one of Ruby’s most recent vlog posts, she gives a tutorial on Simple Romantic Date Night Makeup, Hair & Outfit (For All Dates). The video is a testament to her uncanny ability to offer beauty tips that are both versatile and achievable. In the tutorial, Ruby creates a makeup concept that can be worn casually through the day or even on a zesty date night. She shows us how the key to creating a multipurpose look is to make an outfit that is both classically feminine and sexy without showing too much of the goodies! For the makeup, she uses shadows on the eyes and makes a slight contour on the cheeks and a beautiful winged eye for an overall allure of sophistication.


A special part of Ruby’s repertoire is knowing what makes a woman’s heart skip when it comes to glamour and cosmetics. In the blog section of her website, she reveals some of the hottest secretes for creating celebrity-inspired looks, taking inspiration from iconic divas like Khloe Kardashian, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. She breaks down the makeup concept easily by offering a detailed list of the exact items needed to mimic the look.


In addition to her contributions to beauty education, Ruby is also a genuinely kind and giving person. She actively volunteers for the World Society of the Protection of Animals and is also involved in charity work for poverty alleviation and human rights. The combination of her selfless acts of philanthropy and her talents within the beauty industry make this young entrepreneur one of the most inspirational makeup artists today.