Sarah, All Dolled Up


Accessory addict and vintage junkie, Sarah Woolley is a zany experimentalist who’s not afraid to shake things up. With over 16 thousand followers on her Instagram, the buzz queen entices her followers with a variety of alternative dolled-up looks, including kitschy burlesque outfits, 60s inspired ensembles, and funky wigs. Her blatant confidence and willingness to express herself is wonderfully entrancing, making her a favourite in the online community of non-conformists.


Sarah’s arsenal of random goodies is endless; her mild obsession with Barbie accessories, Japanese club wear and funky bras are just a few of the concepts that fill her wacky Instagram page. She also has a popular YouTube channel where she offers some of the most original styling tutorials available online. Ultimately, her unique use of social media plunges her fans into a world of imagination and obscurity. What’s even more admirable is that this online image is a real reflection of her true personality, as the wacky stylist reveals, “I love my apartment, lipstick, daydreaming, creating, reinventing, and sleeping in”. Here, Sarah stands by the belief of staying true to your passions no matter how different or unpopular.


A large portion of Sarah’s inspirations come from American vintage. Many of her creations make reference to the pop art movement, using Andy Warhol in particular as a creative influence. This passion is especially shown through her affinity for bright colours, cat-eye sunglasses, and furry platforms. Some of her other interests can be described as entirely random, including clips of the odd 90s flick and images of multicoloured cotton candy and crazy tights.


As a favourite undertaking, the extreme stylist loves to experiment with different types of wigs. From rainbow ombre to aqua bobs, she demonstrates the expressive potential of our hair and our liberating ability to make bold aesthetic changes. In one of her recent posts, the queen of wigs shows off her freshly shaved head with the caption, “WOMEN ARE NOT DEFINED BY THEIR HAIR. Your hair does not make you a woman and most of all your hair does not make YOU.” This bold statement is a testament to Sarah’s beautiful spirit and unwavering confidence.


By pushing the message that it’s okay to be different from the norm, Sarah teaches us to feel proud of what makes us unique. She also shows how makeup and accessories can be used as tools to celebrate ourselves and our individuality as opposed to being used as a means of covering up.