Take Pride in your Makeup with Stephanie Lange


Famous for her unbelievable contouring powers, Stephanie Lange is a show-stopping Wonder Woman when it comes to makeup. Awakening her inner beauty, Stephanie buffs and shimmers her way to a glistening complexion with sexy eyes and glowing cheeks. In minutes, she can turn her features into gorgeous sculpted grooves and full lips, creating the impression of doll-like looks in a flash! With her hit YouTube channel and impressive mass of 106k Instagram followers, Stephanie is proud to dive deep into her makeup bag.


Stephanie’s makeup style is full-on babe with all the trimmings. She’s best known for her cosmetic illusions, turning her face into a supermodel portrait in no time! As one of her most accomplished skills, she’s able to augment her lips, creating the appearance of injections without the needle. You can check out her tutorial on lip enhancement in her YouTube video, “How to Make your Lips Look Bigger”.


In another one of her fantastic videos, she addresses her online haters who criticise her illusionist methods. In the video, she specifically responds to a vile video, which condemns makeup-loving women, and targets Stephanie in particular, for their ability to make themselves appear more beautiful. Her video, which is called, “Ugly Without Makeup? This is Why Men have Trust Issues” Stephanie acts as a powerful voice, defending women who enjoy makeup as a source of self-empowerment and happiness.


As she takes a stand against these negative online critics, she encourages women to love themselves more whole-heartedly. She also promotes this initiative on her Instagram page, where she posts a picture of her face – half natural and half made-up. By having the courage to leave one side de-glammed, she proves that she doesn’t feel the need to hide.


In turn, Stephanie shows us that makeup is not about hiding, but rather playing up who you are and how you feel on the inside. Essentially, makeup is a way to feel more sparkly and vibrant, or a way to express yourself creatively — and nobody should feel ashamed to indulge in it!


With all of Stephanie’s outstanding makeup techniques, she guides women through the art of augmentation without plastic surgery. Her tutorials and posts are enormously important, especially with today’s media, which is filled with super flashy models who promote unhealthy practices. Stephanie’s work helps women face their insecurities, showing them that they don’t need to go under the knife to feel like a bombshell. It’s more fun to simply play up what you’ve already got and rock it all the way!


Snap: stephilalalange