The Colour Creep, Kimberley Margarita


Impassioned by the bewitching power of makeup, Kimberley Margarita is an online expressionist who specialises in creating horror-fantasy looks. From zombie clowns to neon mutants, she creates outstanding visual spectacles, while still maintaining a professional and detailed technique. A few seconds on her Instagram page and you’ll become absorbed in a captivating world of colour, illusion and dreams.

With over 45 thousand followers, Kim’s artistry makes an enormous statement on the online scene of makeup portfolios. The level of detail and originality which goes into each look is not only fascinating, but also transcending. Her use of imagery is detailed and deceptive, tricking our eyes into experiencing an entirely new face!

In her more recent series, Kim creates a set of glow-in-the-dark looks. With each one, she uses colours like magenta and cobalt with industrial-strength brightness and uses them to contour her cheek bones and forehead. She also transforms her eyebrows, creating wild effects such as a fade from dark blue ends to cyan arches or a completely white brow. In an alienesque version, she eliminates the brow entirely, leaving only a few artistic splotches of purple shadow. Her hair compliments the theme beautifully with a blue side-shave and ombré tresses that sweep onto one side, turning into neon green.

In keeping with her theme of freakishness, she recently posted a look inspired by Wednesday Adams, the little melancholic girl from the show, The Adams Family. She turns the girl into a satanic creature, using an array of compelling makeup tricks. Her face is made chalky white with charcoal cheeks and temples for a ghoulish effect. The eyelids and lips are jet black with mascara splattered and melted onto the cheeks.

On her YouTube channel, Colour Freak, she posts friendly tutorials on how to create some of her makeup designs. A couple of her videos focus on creating more conventional looks like her video, Dramatic Fall Makeup Tutorial, while others stay true to her unique aesthetic such as her Tribal Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Whether you’re interested in horror makeup effects or simply just want to be inspired, Kim’s Instagram page is a great place to let your creative whims flow. You can also follow Kim on twitter @colourcreep.