Pushing the boundaries with Victoria

The work from Victoria aka The Proserpina, evokes a bold, futuristic, neo-gothic aesthetic applied with striking colours and an acute attention to detail. Her talent for makeup artistry is clear, especially when it comes to one of a kind looks. 

Victoria has a unique eye for creating edgy and sleek looks that extend beyond the everyday. Horned she-devils, broken dolls, and alien goddesses – Victoria creates a world where women are strong, beautiful and more than human. 

Her eyeliner skills are sharp and precise, drawing her eyes into extravagant displays of colour and style. From monochrome, noir, art-nouveau slabs of black and white – to explosive tangerines and magentas. There is no palette that Victoria shies away from. 

Victoria's portfolio is largely populated by big eyes, big lips and sparkling accoutrements. It is only her refined brush skills that allow her to take boldness to the next level, never crossing the line into cheap or tawdry. Her blending skills are refined to sheer perfection so that every feature is highlighted and brought to peak beauty. 

Not everyone can get away with using diamantes, rhinestones, body jewellery and glitter, but Victoria uses these accessories to complement rather than dominate her looks. They add to a steam-punk aesthetic that makes you want to be a part of this strange and wonderful world she inhabits. 

Flawless brows are arched and pointed to perfection. Dewy skin and shimmering highlights make jawlines, cheekbones and nose bridges sharp and angular. Victoria's knack for balancing drama with softness is what sets her apart from others. Her signature thick, iridescent lips pout seductively and hint at just what a kiss from a black rose might be like. 

At its core, Victoria's brand is cinematic and inter-planetary. It steps outside of this world to create an alternative that is full of imagination, opulence and sensuality. Victoria's style is all about pushing the boundaries of what is possible, what is real, and what is beautiful. She brings the world of visual arts, make-up artistry and costume design together in her stunning photographs.

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