Want To Ban Animal Testing? Here’s Some Good News for You by Baxter Laboratories!

When you purchase your favorite makeup or cosmetic product—say, your fave liquid foundation or moisturiser—chances are you don’t exactly associate it with tortured rabbits and other animals. After all, why would you? These products are typically advertised using beautiful models with flawless skin and features—which can possibly be yours if you use the product. Indeed, animal testing is the dark underbelly of the beauty industry. In order to make products safe for human use, they are first tested on poor animals who often end up sick, tortured, injured and killed in laboratories.

This is why the Immune Balance Rating or IBR System developed by Baxter Laboratories is significantly good news. In collaboration with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Monash University, Baxter Laboratories worked on the project for five whole years. The basic concept of the system is that chemicals and ingredients can now be tested on skin and immune cell samples taken from humans. Not only will this eliminate the need for animal testing, but it can potentially produce more accurate results.

This development is certainly welcome news to the people behind #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign, a movement which seeks to ban cosmetics products that were tested on animals. According to the campaign, there are hundreds of cosmetics companies who actually do not need any new animal testing since the ingredients have been tested and remain the same.

Fortunately, dozens of cosmetics companies supported the campaign to ban animal-tested products. And if you care about animals, you can support it too!